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Kimony was founded by geologist Anthony Eden Greville and his wife Rina Greville in South Africa in the 1970’s to supply the cement industry in Southern Africa with magnetite iron oxide.

The current magnetite processing facility at Richards Bay in northern KwaZulu Natal was built in 1984 and is now run in second generation by Christoff van Staden. Based at the company´s office in Johannesburg, Christoff is responsible for handling of all export orders and shipments.

Kimony has had long lasting relationships with most major cement producers in South Africa and has provided them with uninterrupted supply of magnetite iron oxide for over 40 years. Kimony is an equal opportunity employer and subscribes to the policies of Black Economic Empowerment.

Kimony is committed to strict corporate governance and to the welfare and safety of its employees and to full compliance with all legislative and ethical requirements to which it is subject.

Kimony’s Richards Bay Operation

Kimony’s mining and mineral processing operation was established in the Richards Bay area in 1984 and has seen uninterrupted supply to worldwide customers ever since.

Magnetite sand sourced from the beach sand deposit of Richard Bay Minerals Limited is processed by Kimony for the export market. Kimony and its magnetite iron oxide have established a reputation for superior quality due to the particular components found in the deposit mined.

Kimony’s clients are found in the Europe, the Far East and North America. The Kimony material is attractive to any industries making use of resin coated sand used in predominantly shell moulding in the foundry industry.

Refractories for the Cement Industry

Kimony is the agent for Höganäs Bjuf Refractories of Sweden. One the the leading manufacturers in refractories, particularly for the cement industry, Höganäs products have built up a reputation for quality of their products and service. For more information please contact us or visit www.hoganasbjuf.com.


Head Office in Dunkeld West Johannesburg.

Main processing plant in Richards Bay, Kwazulu Natal

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