Magnetite Sand produced at Kimony’s Richards Bay Plant

A single grade material is produced, which is particularly suitable for use as an additive to resin coated sand in shell moulding process in foundries due to the rounded particles of the material.

Kimony Magnetite Sand is mined from a beach sand deposit, ensuring that the final material is free of any dust. This is superior to magnetite taken from other sources which is usually milled, resulting in sharp, angular particles, which render the material unsuitable for even coating with resin.

See the difference in the following electron-microscope photographs reflecting the difference in particle shapes:

IMAGE 1 - Kimony Material showing rounded particles and absence of dust

IMAGE 2 - Standard Milled Material showing angular particles and presence of dust

Kimony magnetite sand is used as an additive of between 5% and 10% to resin
coated sand.


The advantages of using Kimony material are as follows:

- Rounded particles ensure an even coating of resin over the particles
- Reduced risk of pin-holes in castings
- Smoother surface of castings as indicated by the comparative images above
- Faster cooling time of castings due to the quicker absorption of magnetite

IMAGE 3 - Photograph showing a difference between two castings made of the same melt: Casting on the left made from mould with milled angular material and casting on the right made from mould with Kimony magnetite sand.

Sieve Table

Click on the link below to download the table:

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